All County DKI in Fort Lauderdale

All County DKI

All County DKI had a website that was managed by the DKI Corporate. They are a DKI member and DKI at one point built sites for companies that did not have a web presence. It initially worked well for companies that were starting out in the online marketing arena. Unfortunately, the site became outdated, had very little content and was not generating many leads.

We took over the site in October, 2013, and so far the result has been fantastic. We have seen a significant conversion rate increase while generating sales opportunities for the company. Phone calls are coming in as we have a strong Google Adwords campaign in place. 

What we are doing next is bringing credibility to the site. We are adding a meet the team section, case studies, awards, reviews and more. We hope to dominate the South Florida market with this website. 

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