Completed for All American Cleaning & Restoration

Completion date:October 11, 2013
Location: Idaho Falls, ID

Why did the customer contact us?

AACR had a website that was never updated since the early web days. The site was very outdated with no mobile functionalities and with only hand full of pages on the site. Site also didn't have any contact forms. Which of course means they were not generating any leads through the site.

Solutions provided:

We built a brand new site with lots of new content pages including custom contact form and dynamic phone number to switch based on source.
When we took over the site, the site generated no leads and now we consistently generate over 50 to 60 leads a month in greater Idaho Falls area.

We have also redesigned the site a few times since 2013. We have recently added a custom scheduling system on the website where consumers can schedule carpet or floor cleaning jobs. This makes it convenient for consumers to book a job without talking to any one.

Photos & Videos:

First redesign done in 2013
First redesign done in 2013