Emergency Response Planning Software

PREP ERP is a software platform that connects businesses with vendors for emergency mitigation services or basic property management. Restoration companies sign up large businesses to list their building and assign vendors to different protocols. Vendors gets the opportunity to secure clients on a retainer basis through PREP ERP.

ERP Management

ERP management refers to Emergency Response Planning Management. This particular service of ours allows the user to describe and point out the radical damages caused due to any catastrophic event or natural disaster. ERP Management consists of four methods that you could use. Building Management, Contact Details, Notes, and Follow-ups, File System.

PREP ERP Management

Protocol Management

If there is a disaster, then the protocol management system of PREP ERP will guide you to whom you need to contact with. When there is a disaster, you need to know it in an instant who to dial and reach out for water damage, fire hazards, electrical danger or IT server glitch. To mitigate the disaster you need to be prepared with a set responsive protocol. PREP ERP is here to simplify all complexities of every kind of disaster instantly through digital solutions.

Protocol Management

Vendor Management

During any hazardous or catastrophic event, our software provides users a list of vendors. Detailed information will be given about the vendors starting from the company’s names, person to contact, phone number, email address, and website. Our ERP software provides an organized database with listed vendors & helps you execute a process to engage with your vendors at every step. Create your own database of vendors directory and have prior knowledge about each of them under one unified application.

Vendor Management

Business Benefits

PREP ERP allows businesses to have emergency protocols and be more proactive rather than reactive in an emergency situation. These benefits companies through uninvited and sudden natural disasters or any sort of catastrophic event that took place. It’s our duty and goal to calm you down when such events take place. All these benefits are provided by our software to deal with the situation with ease and with no means of complexity.

To learn more about our Emergency response preparedness software go to https://www.preperp.com/ or call us at 855-224-3090

Business Benefits

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