City Pages

City Pages

To grow your business as large as your dreams, you must optimize the search engine impact of your website. That starts with City Pages from Central Station Marketing, a proven approach to boosting your local SEO ranking through our exclusive Jupiter Platform.

By adding City Pages to your site, you can rank in the full scope of your territory by getting your business noticed in the city where you are based, as well as in its surrounding cities throughout the metropolitan area, both large and small. By providing each municipality in your service area with its own unique city page, we alert customers in that community that your goods and services are a viable option for them regardless of their mailing address.

Strengthen Your SEO Impact with CSM City Pages

A strong local SEO ranking is an essential piece of a powerful digital marketing strategy that also includes:

  • Reviews from satisfied customers
  • Detailed information about completed jobs
  • Photo galleries

All these boost your SEO impact when they are accessed by current and potential customers. Through our Jupiter Platform, CSM combines all of these elements in a powerful, focused, marketing approach for your business.

By using City Pages, you will optimize your site with detailed keywords for your primary products and important geo-modifiers (city name, county name or state name) that raise your local Google ranking and turn visitors into customers. Adding significant keywords and geo-modifiers to your City Pages helps Googe pick up on everything from the product provided to the exact location of your service area. That will optimize your website and result in more leads, as well as more conversions.

When you add City Pages to your site, you will grow your business beyond the parameters of your Google My Business listing. When you are ready to get the most from your website and boost your business with City Pages from CSM, contact us at 888-296-7629.



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