Passwords Manager

Password Manager

Have you ever had an employee leave the company who had access to your Facebook page, hosting account, and domain registrar information? If so, you probably understand the hassle that comes with managing passwords for your marketing department.

Nowadays, you have login information for many different places. You need a process to keep all of your passwords in one secured location and accessible to employees who need them. You also want to keep them secure from individuals who should not have access to them.

Your marketing team signs up for social media accounts, online directory accounts, hosting and domain registration accounts, as well as other web tools. Many users keep these passwords in a Word or Excel document. However, this practice poses a security threat when that team member leaves the company and takes that passwords file.

Because this is a recurring issue with many clients, we created a great solution that allows you to store all of your marketing account passwords on our platform to keep track of all login accounts. We suggest that you DO NOT add your bank passwords and other important passwords. Our system is designed exclusively for online marketing related accounts. Another benefit to our system is that when someone in your company leaves, you will have a list of all accounts that need updated passwords.

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