Completed for Dalworth Restoration

Completion date:August 4, 2013
Location: Euless, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Need a website to generate more leads than they were getting at the time. They were spending more than $10K/month on Google Adwords and wasn't getting the conversions they were looking for. It was costing them easily over $500 per lead.

Solutions provided:

It took us 4 months to rebuild all the functionalities and improve on SEO/PPC conversions. We had this site for a long time now and our overall leadgen cost now is a little over $100 which is fantastic considering they were above $500 at one point. This is one of our most successful site generating more than 250 to 300 qualified leads a month. 

Photos & Videos:

Dalworth Restoration Logo
Dalworth Restoration Logo