Lead Central™: Lead Management System

Central Station Marketing has a built-in lead management system as part of its CMS that will help you to not only keep track of potential leads and increase your market share, but also, can be used as a great training tool for your call center team.

How Our Lead Central Module Works:

Keeping Track!

You may be “doing the most” in order to get the word out about your company but with increased exposure comes a lot of new market and client data and information; which can be difficult to sort. This is where the Lead Central Module plays a hand at helping you keep track of the majority of potential client information.

Keeping Track
Lead Management Screen

How Does It Work?

Our team starts by assigning a dedicated phone number for your different online marketing campaigns. By doing this, you will be able to see the response from each and analyze and understand which source is working.

Calls to each assigned number are recording and reported with relevant information in one place; - the lead central management system. The system also does the same for all web submissions. Thus, presenting you a library of your leads from all campaigns; with the necessary data that you will need in order to understand what’s working for your company’s growth.

Even More Benefits!

This system also further enhances your overall marketing endeavors as it can easily be used as a training tool. How so? Well, the module automatically identifies any leads that are duplicate, calls too short or spam. This not only saves time (times not wasted following dead leads); but also, can be used as examples of call scenarios for your call center staff

Call Center

Clients Testimonials

Following reviews are received from Central Station Marketing clients on web marketing services.

Evan,The only reason i did not give you all 5s,is for what you do not have any control over, namely the information, awards certificates, photographs, that I need to give to you so you can better market me and my firm... Read more about Mike Davis reviewRead More

Mike Davis

Central Station Marketing and their Jupiter platform is the perfect platform for Floodbusters Basements. Our website continues to place higher in the search engines. The staff at Central Station is highly skilled and attentive... Read more about Pete Sommerfeldt reviewRead More

Pete Sommerfeldt

Couldn't be happier -- we think you all are da bomb!! Certainly recommending CSM to others is a no-brainer. You've exceeded my expectations. The only things we had to work through have been getting peeps to the stream... Read more about Sheryl Powers reviewRead More

Sheryl Powers

CSM is not your average website designer and optimization company. Where others fall short and fail, they excel with proven results. And we should know - we hired three companies, all of which failed miserably, before finding them... Read more about Terri Arnett reviewRead More

Terri Arnett
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