Completed for Geese Relief App

Completion date:July 19, 2016
Location: Stamford, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Company sends out a vehicle with a dog to chase geese away from client properties. Each driver makes multiple stops in a day for a particular route. Company has multiple drivers and dogs and routes. They needed a system to assign routes to a driver and for drivers to prove that they were in the property.

The owner also wanted to get data on how many geese are they chasing away every time a dog goes out to do the job. Owner also wanted to get photos and he wanted his drivers to check in every time they go to a location.

Solutions provided:

We developed an app that is super simple to use. We wanted an experience for the drivers to simply launch the app and check in with number of geese they see. Also have the ability to take photos and videos for record keeping.

From the back-end perspective, we developed an admin area for owner to assign routes to drivers and add client locations to route.

Photos & Videos:

Geese Relief App Main Screen
Geese Relief App Main Screen