Completed for Climate Partners

Completion date:May 1, 2015
Location: Milford, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Climate Partners has been a premier HVAC company in lower Fairfield county in Connecticut. The owner used a local company to manage the PPC and SEO. They certainly had lots of reports on how the money was spend and their ranking results. But didn't have a good idea of how many leads were generating for the money spent.

Had a typical wordpress site with great content but wasn't organized. The owner was more interested in leads than content, site layout or ranking data.

Solutions provided:

We rebuild their site with conversion in mind. They were spending money with PPC so rather than focusing on ranking we wanted to build a site to convert the PPC traffic into leads first. In doing so, we organized all the content in proper silos and made the site more user-friendly.

That of course then helped the site with its SEO efforts. We added lots of city pages, reviews, completed jobs to add to the quality content and now the site consistently generates around 100 leads a month.

Photos & Videos:

Climate Partners Homepage
Climate Partners Homepage