Jonathan Preston

Owner / Chief Technology Officer

Hometown: Shelton, CT

Hobbies: Family, Technology, Theology, Firearms, Online Gaming (League of Legends), Free Markets, Liberty

Birthday: November 01st

Residence: Fort Pierce, FL

Jonathan Preston is an all-around geek. His fascination with computers and all things technological started with the Commodore Amiga 1000 when he was two years old, and it never stopped. He has continually pursued all sorts of computers and gadgetry, beginning to upgrade and build his own computers as a teenager.

Thanks to homeschooling, he was able to rapidly develop these talents, and now stands as an expert in the technology space with decades of experience.

Having started programming with DOS Batch Files and QBasic in the early 1990s, he has continually grown and expanded his professional skills, entering the web development space in 2000. By 2002 he was taking on contract jobs, and was working full time in the field just a few years later. He's worked with TV personalities and provided services to multi-national corporations. He's worked on well-known sites ranging from science to e-Commerce, from banking to home improvement.

In 2010, he joined an International Network of home improvement and basement waterproofing dealers, and quickly took on primary responsibility for a software platform powering hundreds of sites, generating tens of thousands of leads, and tens of millions of dollars of revenues. His ideas and efforts were responsible for at least a 20% growth in their online revenues. Seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand his skills, Jonathan partnered with CSMT in 2015.

Today, he serves as our CTO and takes primary responsibility for our programming, technology, and software development efforts. His skill set includes literally dozens of languages and software platforms, but it doesn't stop there. Though he started as a programmer, Jonathan has committed himself to solving every technical problem he's presented with, which means more than programming. As a result, he's a skilled systems administrator, a DNS wizard, and an email guru.

His professional interest in technology continues to be matched by his personal interest, and when you don't find him hard at work for our clients, you'll find him hard at work on personal projects. Most recently, he designed, built, and configured an enterprise-grade backup server, complete with remote access and automatic off-site data synchronization.

Jonathan Preston
Jonathan Preston

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