Shafayet Ahmed

Operations Manager - Bangladesh

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Certifications: Bachelors in Marketing & Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) from UK

Hobbies: Driving Different Cars, Tech Gadget Collection, Trying New Food, Movies

Birthday: February 11th


Shafayet is the Operations Manager of the Bangladesh Team, where much of the design work, development and configuration of Central Station Marketing websites occur.

An expert in communication, market analysis and sales strategy, Shafayet works with the graphics team as well as the web development team in efforts to create a successful website configuration that will benefit customers and boost their profits.

The Dhaka, Bangladesh native has been an instrumental player in creating websites for CSM customers since 2016. Before joining our team, Shafayet worked in several multinational companies and served as a specialist in communication at some telecommunication companies. As a marketing student, he is also a great team player and understands how to make words, images and videos work together to create a positive brand and a successful website for our clients.

Away from the office, he loves to drive different cars and experience a wide variety of foods. He tries to experience a new restaurant and watch a new movie each week. Shafayet is a gadget person who loves to stay updated with the latest technology.

If you need any developmental work done or need to approach any client to make the deal, he is the person to call. Throughout his career, Shafayet has spent most of his time working with customers and making sure they are satisfied. He knows how to get the job done at the highest level to produce satisfied customers.

Shafayet Ahmed
Shafayet Ahmed
Driving Is Passion
Driving Is Passion
Monthly Outing
Monthly Outing

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