Boris Furman

Head of Programming/Software Engineering

Boris Furman

Residence: Plano, TX

Boris is a math wiz. He builds sophisticated software algorithms that sound like gibberish to the average person but provide amazing functionality and automation. Boris has been developing software since the late 90's. 

Boris works with a development team in Ukraine to produce software for the home improvement industry. His latest scheduling software is by far superior to any other in the market. The algorithm automatically matches customers with a technician based on: date and time availability; type of work; travel distance between jobs; price; technician's speed of job completion and more. The system maximizes business resources like nothing else. 

Currently utilizing this amazing platform, Dalworth Clean in Dallas, TX, now experiences vastly improved efficiency with regards to technicians, fuel costs, call center personnel and production scheduling. Boris is working on bringing this technology to the cloud, so hang tight and watch the show!!!

Boris is helping to build a dynamic content management system that allows contractors to be successful online.

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