Dan Fitzgerald III

Dan Fitzgerald is an esteemed author of global marketing programs, an influential entrepreneurial trainer, and lead generation pioneer in the home services industry! Dan wrote the quintessential “how-to program” on marketing to homeowners, for contractors in all industries. A totally inclusive guide to establishing an appropriate brand, planning & tracking techniques, marketing strategy, and implementation rules, tips & innovations to ensure contractor success. He introduced award winning media negotiation strategies that remove or lessen the risk on advertising campaigns, increasing their ROI. He established a theory on “allowable-cost-per-lead”, ensuring if followed, contractors will sustain profit margins, while staying within their allocated marketing budget.

Dan Fizgerald

Dan established an industry leading “search-engine powerhouse” by launching a new internet marketing group in 2004, mapped out a strategic initiative for internet dominance in all markets throughout North America, oversaw the growth of a 55 person internet group, including a 10 person International call center. 350+ websites had been designed, optimized and maintained with local content & link building, generating thousands of qualified sales leads each year,  for contractors network wide. 

An influential communicator...Dan has spoken at numerous events promoting technical advances in the home services industry and marketing strategy to entrepreneurs. He has been featured on numerous local & national TV shows & radio networks as an industry expert. 

He has spoken nationally to the US Postal Council on progressive marketing strategy for small businesses, regionally at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference & Expo, to graduating students at Quinnipiac University on future career options, and to over 1500 attendees each year at Basement Systems International Dealer Network Annual Convention on topics of new marketing innovations. Dan authored an engaging two-day marketing training program and passionately presented it throughout North America, to thousands of owners & marketing directors of home services contracting dealerships.

As Chief Marketing Officer of the $100+ million International Dealer Network, Dan directed the creative teams behind wins including: Three Innovation Prizes for the creation and successful implementation of revolutionary marketing programs by the Connecticut Quality Improvement Awards Partnership; The Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Best Philanthropic Communications for writing & producing a four part promotional video series by Regan Communications; First place for an Innovative E-mail Marketing Program by MarketingSherpa; among other awards.


“Dan is unquestionably one of the best leaders and visionaries I have worked with...He not only recruited me into the network in 2001 himself, but he has guided and directed my company’s growth to $15 million in sales in 2013. Just as we think we have reached a plateau, Dan introduces another level of strategy and trains my team to implement it, which rockets us up once again.”

— Tom Roman, Owner, Quality 1st Companies,

Aberdeen, NJ

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