Central Station Expansion

Central Station Expansion

On Monday, September 15, 2014, Central Station Marketing moved into its spacious new home, the former office of Dalworth Flooring. After careful deliberation over the layout of the tables and chairs, the team happily moved into its new digs. It’s good to get away from computers from time-to-time and break a sweat, so the team dove in with manual labor to get the move done promptly. It’s funny how graphic artists seem to excel at putting chairs together! With an entrance marked discreetly by the only black and white awning on the side of the building and a small Google maps sticker on the front door, the new space includes a wide open area for most of the tables and chairs (and a leather couch) on the ground floor and an upstairs that houses two rooms: one for sales and one for meetings. The ground floor has an interesting patchwork of myriad floor designs on the floor itself that aesthetically preserves the memory of the space’s origins.

For over a year, the Central Station Marketing team had been “officing” under the auspices of Dalworth Restoration’s Shane Hobbs, utilizing the upstairs of his eclectic and stylish office with windows overseeing the lively and productive operations of his seasoned and successful company. Advantages to that office included being able to see out into the warehouse, viewing oriental and area rugs from throughout the Metroplex being cleaned and dried by Dalworth Restoration’s diligent crew every day. It gave one a tangible sense of the fascinating nitty gritty details of the restoration business and how things really work on a day-to-day basis.

As Central Station Marketing has grown, the team realized that it was time to spread its wings and find a new home.  With the newfound transition of Dalworth Flooring into new ventures, the space became available. Dalworth Flooring offered the space to Central Station Marketing and Central Station Marketing, sensing that the time was right, quickly jumped at the chance to move in. Still under the auspices and watchful eye of the visionary Shane Hobbs, Central Station Marketing benefits greatly by remaining on the Dalworth campus and rubbing shoulders with those on the front lines of the restoration business; while evolving into a physical space more accommodating of its growing team. The restoration business has obviously been a core focus of Central Station Marketing’s web development team and the culmination of Shane’s original idea of bringing cutting edge marketing to those within his industry. 

Central Station Marketing is proud to be stepping in the right direction by occupying new space to reflect exciting newfound growth and excellent future prospects; while remaining grounded in the spirit of tradition and the profound success of the Dalworth brand.

We welcome you to drop by and say Hello to YOUR team at Central Station Marketing!

Central Station Expansion
Central Station Expansion
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