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Central Station Marketing has collaborated with the immensely talented people at ClassicalRush to launch a pioneering new classical music site at ClassicalRush.org. Sheryl Powers of ClassicalRush has been doing the distinctive voiceover work for Dalworth's radio and TV commercials for several years. She is involved in several entrepreneurial endeavors and has worked at WRR, the classical music station for the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Co-founder and executive director Sarah Colmark is another key person at Classical Rush. Central Station Marketing is the highly creative web development team that originated under the auspices of Dalworth and has grown to become the “go-to” place for developing unique collaborations with select clients, developing and managing the web presence of only select clients in the most effective ways. ClassicalRush collaborated with Central Station Marketing to develop and launch an exciting new music site.

ClasicalRush.org is the pioneering site that provides classical music for listeners anytime, anywhere. Its highly visionary goal is for music lovers to re-engage with the experience only classical music can deliver. ClassicalRush presents the beauty and wonder of classical music within a fresh, dynamic approach that appeals to music fans across generations. Classical Rush sought out bids from several large web design and marketing firms, but needed a group that had specialized IT experience, and assistance, in addition to notable creative web design and style prowess.

Central Station Marketing handled the amazing design for the ClassicalRush page, while recognizing that two servers were required for the streaming service. One was built by a company called Wide Orbit. Account Manager Mike Brown, from Central Station Marketing, made an on-site visit to Classical Rush to hook up the network and apply all necessary settings for optimum functioning. The other server was built according to specs provided by Crystal Media Networks, a group that programmed the “cross-device compatible” software player. Mike Brown orchestrated set up for this server, as well.

From the time the servers were set up, to March 1, 2014, Mike Brown and the Central Station Marketing team were in constant contact with Sarah Colmark and the tech support personnel from Crystal Media Networks, Wide Orbit, and Aba Cast. Mike Brown’s fluency in the necessary “IT parlance” was handy for facilitating excellent communication between all the parties involved in order to launch the system smoothly and effectively. The launch of ClassicalRush.org was a success.

ClassicalRush is an organization dedicated to growing the community of those who recognize the essential human need for artistic endeavor. ClassicalRush.org is the website and on-line music service based in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to serving the classical music lifestyle. Its aim is to change the way classical music is consumed by providing dynamic content in the digital space. Central Station Marketing provides each select client a unique and unparalleled level of online and offline management services to increase the effectiveness and long term success of their business.  

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