Central Station Marketing and Conductor: Meeting of the Minds

Team meeting with Conductor at Central Station Marketing.

On March 4, 2014, two representatives from Conductor flew in from New York City to meet with the team at Central Station Marketing. The companies met to discuss their collaboration to enhance the following services for Central Station Marketing’s clients: increasing natural search visibility; getting more traffic; growing revenue; and reporting results. Over a BBQ lunch and friendly, informal meet and greet, the two teams conducted a veritable “think tank” session that proved fruitful. Though Texas delivered some surprisingly cold weather outside for the two visiting Manhattanites on that day, the mutual exchange of important information was warm and welcome.

Conductor team members discussed the Searchlight system that includes the power of tracking and analyzing thousands of SEO data points with natural search tracking. The two teams discussed daily rank monitoring, universal search results, analytics and social signals. Discussions about content insights took place: deciding the “state of the union” for your existing content to understand where you have the opportunities to improve content, or where you need to create new content to realize your full market opportunity.

Taking a “content-first” approach to your SEO efforts with Content Insights is crucial. You are able to measure and track content performance by template, product groups, departments, business initiatives, and find additional optimization opportunities and measure the impact of changes. Getting vast amount of data is easy, making it work for you. The Searchlight platform brings together search data in intelligent ways to help you succeed. The Visibility Explorer function discovers new opportunities for finding key words, provides detailed insight into competitors’ traffic and ranking, and streamlines the addition of important newly-discovered keywords into Searchlight.

Questions were asked and answered about how to optimize use of the highly informative Conductor features to better serve clients in order to generate quality leads that translate to new business. Team members at Central Station Marketing within the programming, graphic arts, and content development departments could all see new benefits to the innovative Conductor features.

One cool feature, among many, is the Customized Workspace, in which you can configure your Searchlight interface to present you with the data you are most interested in. The customized Workspace data is updated weekly and can be emailed to whomever you designate.

Central Station Marketing discovered that it is able to better serve its clients through utilizing the impressive features of Conductor on an ongoing basis to achieve higher traffic, conversion and revenue.

Conductor is the undisputed leader in SEO technology, empowering enterprise marketers to manage and improve their SEO efforts and provable ROI. Central Station Marketing provides each select client a unique and unparalleled level of online and offline management services to increase the effectiveness and long term success of their business. 

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