Central Station Bowling Night

The CSM Team Goes Bowling

The Central Station Marketing team went out for a fun-filled night of bowling at Main Event in Grapevine, TX. All of the enthusiastic weekly hard work they had been pouring into creating the most magical websites possible for their clients had culminated in a night of good ole fashioned competitive relief with delightful edible refreshments!

As the snack platters arrived, (hamburgers, cheese sticks, wings, celery sticks, tostadas with four tasty kinds of dip), Evan kicked things off with an amazing ability to predict a strike before it occurred; James casually unfurled his array of personal bowling ball, and shoes, that he claimed had been bagged and stored away for at least ten years; Steve calculated his moves with all the precision of a quantum physicist with a new grant; Mike B. encountered his first “physical sports firewall” in the form of an annoyingly untimely pinsetter; Mahbub handled video and camera like Spike Lee between rolls; Dominik recreated fascinating cosmic interplanetary rotations with his rolls;  Ashan quietly contemplated the best choice of bowling ball; Brian became reacquainted with the gutterball effect in between occasional spares; Mike W. heroically overcame past sports injuries to challenge the local record for most strikes in a night.

Rebecca, Brittani, Courtney, and Robyn cheerfully provided much-needed elegance, grace, fun and unique style throughout the evening while bowling admirable games.

Though the nagging allure and glow of the Laser Tag arena loomed in the periphery, the group was pretty well exhausted by the time the timer on the screen read: “two minutes left…”

First night of bowling was a hit!

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