Taking A Swing!

Ahsan hitting the ball off the course during Central Station Marketing's team outing. Central Station Marketing's team golf outing.

It was a breezy Springtime day after work when the gang met up to drive golf balls through the air, and landing in sometimes random places. After a lengthy, but informative, overview of the game presented by an affable septuagenarian who obviously had found his life’s passion in the humble game from Scotland, the team lined up to drive golf balls out into the green, or was it a field?

Despite heavy winds, accuracy and precision were oft-accomplished as one by one the Central Station Marketing team members selected their club of choice and allowed the instructor to provide some basic instruction before properly teeing off.

Who would have thought that the more power and energy expended with some swings would increase the likelihood of completely missing the ball? Who would have thought that implementing a little New Agey “Let Go, Let Golf” philosophy would produce inspiring results of altitude and accuracy? Who would have thought that a graphic artist by day could emerge into glorious golf greatness at night? Who would have thought that the wind could pick up a ball headed for a yellow flag and randomly send it flying and spiraling off course into the distance toward a red flag? Who would have thought that an evening of swinging golf clubs could activate muscles we didn’t know we had and leave us demonstrably sore the next day?

Tapping away at computer keyboards all day does not make a Tiger Woods, or a Jack Nicklaus, it seems. At least nobody got hurt.

Ice cold water, soft drinks and beer, and a healthy supply of vegetables and dip, provided renewed energy for heavy duty swings of the club. Maybe Heineken and Sprouts can sponsor our next golf outing!

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