Letting a Stranger Into Your Home

Familiarity is an essential part of building customer loyalty, one of the most important pillars that supports a thriving business. To earn repeat customers, you must make them comfortable with you and your workers. That involves letting them get to know every member of your team.

letting A Stranger Into Your Home

The best way to make that happen is by creating a solid online profile for each of your team members to establish confidence and a connection with your customers. That is best accomplished by using the Meet the Team module that is part of the Jupiter platform created by Central Station Marketing. By following our easy-to-use template, you can quickly create bios, with photographs, for each of your team members in a matter of minutes.

Having such information available online will immediately reduce barriers for technicians and contractors who must enter customers' homes for service calls or construction jobs. When a customer learns that "Tom" will be the technician to handle his or her project, the customer can find information about "Tom," including a photo, on your website. Being able to put a name with a face upon arrival will make things more comfortable, and more secure, for everyone involved.

When your business depends on customers being willing to let strangers from your company into their homes to perform their job, having an updated Meet the Team profile posted online for each of your employees will inspire trust and familiarity with customers. That, in turn, will lead to repeat customers and a more profitable business.

To make your company more familiar with customers and potential customers, contact us at 888-296-7629 and let CSM help build your business. 

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