Jupiter App

Jupiter App

The Jupiter Platform App is Central Station Marketing’s highly advanced phone app that empowers users to perform a variety of direct tasks for their business in real time. This dynamic and user-friendly app is exclusive to clients as a way to directly connect through the CMS (content management system) and implement important functions on the Central Station Marketing dashboard specific to their company. Users can upload photos and videos, check on analytics for leads and respond directly to events going on with their business. This app literally puts the power into clients hands.

Here are some cutting edge features to the Jupiter Platform App:

  • Exclusive to CSM clients only (this is a B2B app, not for general use)
  • Get notified when a lead is generated on your website
  • Select a customer, call directly from the app
  • Listen to all phone calls generated from your website directly on the app
  • Review all web leads generated via contact forms
  • Read all important details on leads (where it came from; who is the caller; what time it was captured)
  • Capture events on projects in the field and upload photos and videos to Lead Central
  • Add notes on the lead to followup later
  • Hand the phone to your customer to write a review on your performance on the spot
  • Have multiple sites? Manage all sites in one login :)

With each project in the field, users can snap a photo or video, keep track of where it was taken, while adding all relevant notes that pertain to the project. Clients can actually listen to each call that has come through the system and upload notes on each lead. This highly advanced system allows users to store information until you choose to delete it, providing you an ongoing way to maintain important information for your business in real time.

The beauty of the Jupiter Platform App is that users have a portable, real-time app to keep companys on the cutting edge. Websites are a constantly evolving tool to maximize leads and propel businesses to the heights of success. Website content, as well as management of all-important leads, are components that are now at everyone’s fingertips.

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Available on iPhone App Store

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