Completed Jobs

Completed Jobs

Clients are always asking how to get their site to rank and although there are a lot of possible options, many of our clients have had success getting their site to rank by adding completed jobs through the Jupiter Platform.

Completed jobs allow you to show projects that have been successfully done by your company with detailed information and photos about the job. Just like reviews, they allow your audience to see exactly what kind of work can be done and help build trust in your company.

These completed jobs can help your website increase in ranking just by using keywords and alternate variations of those keywords within the content. This helps Google pick up on anything from the brand or service provided, to the exact location of the job. Plus, with our Jupiter Platform, your completed jobs will show up on the city page where that specific project was completed which will also help optimize your website.

Optimize Your Website by Adding Completed Jobs

We have streamlined the process of adding completed jobs to your website so that it is extremely easy for you to start optimizing your site. Simply add the customer name, location and date, as well as detailed information about why the customer contacted you and what solutions you provided.

If you're interested in utilizing our completed jobs or other modules on our platform, contact us at 888-296-7629.

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