Site Content: Content Management System

Adding a new page or editing an existing page is very easy with Central Station Marketing's Site Content module. You have excellent control over the content and SEO elements of any page. You can add/modify all meta data, SEO-Friendly URL file name, anchor text, display in navigation, index/noindex, allow comments, custom mobile page and more. 

Here is a screen shot of pages that are within a website:

Site content in the CMS

You can easily search or filter your content. You will also notice some links above that are highlighted in red. These pages are set to private or "Not Indexable" by search spiders. 

Editing a page

Once you click to edit a page, you will see something like the following:

Editing a page in CMS

Note all the items you can update on this page. You can edit your page name or anchor text. The meta data has a character counter so that you can optimize to the recommended character count. You can define if a page should act as a folder or not, and/or which folder this page belongs to. You can also control if the page will be displayed in the navigation, or not. 

Some of the advanced options allow you to control the page even more. Including an HTML vs. WYSIWYG mode. This is pretty handy when it comes to adding Javascript, or other funky HTML code that is out of the norm. You can even add custom Javascripts, CSS, etc., in the Custom Head Tag section which will always render before the closing tag.

The system is basic enough for you to manage your content very easily. It's brilliant within its simplicity and it gets the job done.

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