Support Tickets

support tickets

For your website to successfully support your business as it grows, your site must be simple to update. That means frequent tweaks to products, services, customer reviews, advertised specials and much more.

By using the support ticket module provided on Central Station Marketing's Jupiter Platform, you have up-to-the-minute input on changes to your site. Just fill out the ticket, explain what change is needed, and send to a CSM representative. You don't even need to hold a conversation.

Many times, changes can be made the same day and you, as the customer, always will have direct input to the process as well as final approval of what is posted. For all but the most time-intensive requests, a ticket turnaround time of one to two business days is typical.

Stay on Top of Updates to Your Website with Support Tickets

Do you have a new director of sales? A fresh, cutting-edge product that you can't wait to present to customers? The best way to spread the word ASAP, and with full control over your message, is to post it on your website.

There is no faster way to update your site than through the support ticket system provided by CSM. The beauty of our system is its transparency. When changes are needed, you get to see what we see. We also maintain a worklog that tracks all activities related to your site on the Jupiter Platform.

When it is time for a fresh tweak to a page on your website, the creative experts from CSM are just a ticket request away. To find out more about support tickets, contact us online or give us a call at 888-296-7629.




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