Jupiter Platform by Central Station Marketing

Central Station Marketing has a unique proprietary platform that is designed with small businesses and web designers in mind. It was originally designed for us to manage multiple websites effectively with ONE SINGLE login. It has evolved to allow our clients to login as well and have access to everything to which the web developers have access. Having one platform for both clients and developers makes it easy for everyone to be on the same page.

Total Transparency

Our system is very transparent as you get to see what we see. Sure, there are some key features for which only system admins have access, such as accounting/billing stuff, managing new clients and permission, system settings, etc; however, site and customer related stuff are completely transparent to both clients and developers. We have a unique work log that keeps track of all activities in the platform as well.

Total Transparency

For Business Owners

One of the key features of our platform is the unique lead management system called Lead CentralTM. You can view all form submissions as well as all phone calls that are generated from your website. It's not a CRM but it has CRM like functionalities such as: tag leads as sold/not sold/pending; tag call taker; salesperson; as well as installation or production person. You can also create online and offline marketing campaigns to tell which campaign is generating the leads. Remember that old saying of "50% of my marketing works, but I don't know which 50%." Well, now it is solved. We can tell you which campaigns are working and which are not.

You can also define how much you are selling the jobs for that are generated from the site and the system will calculate the following: total revenue; cost per lead; cost per acquisition; average ticket; and more. The system is set up to show you the effectiveness all your marketing campaigns.

For Business Owners

For Web Agencies

Do you manage more than 1 client? Do you use a platform like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS systems? Well, chances are that you have to log in to each one of your sites independently and keep track of multiple usernames, passwords, files, etc. Our system allows you to manage hundreds of sites with ONE login. Our system also allows short codes or tokens for custom messages based on source or campaigns.

An inconvenient situation with systems other than ours occurs when making a mistake on a given page in the CMS (content management system). More often than not, if you don't have a proper backup system in place, you lose all your work and/or may have to rebuild the page. Our system has a version tracker where every time you save a page, the system keeps that change on file. So, you can always go back to a previously saved version of any page.

Since everything is user permission based, you can have multiple people login at once and work on the same site with the awareness of knowing who is doing what.

For Web Agencies

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