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We all value the importance of referrals. Central Station Marketing introduces Referral Central which is a platform for consumers who want to promote products or services of any type to someone who is quite unfamiliar with certain businesses.

With the help of Referral Central, you can manage all your referrals using a highly configurable & interactive platform which notifies users when referrals need attention. For your convenience, this also programmatically sends status update to referral providers.

The beauty of this product is the ease of setup and the smooth transition of information between the referral, the manager of the system and the referrer.

Why Choose Referral Central

Why Choose Referral Central?

  • One Easy button on your website: One Easy Button on Your Website- As mentioned before we Referral-Central believes in the most simple of work which will be convenient for our consumers. All you have to do is click on Refer To A Friend and you can get in contact within a matter of few minutes.
  • Get More Referrals: Referral-Central is one of the simplest ways to earn easy money that too by just staying in contact with us. Offer more referring to your friends through our convenient system and earn more referrals.
  • Accountability and Transparency: Our Referral System acts between three sets of members. The first one is you the referrer, the second is the one who you referred to and the third is Referral-Central by which the entire process is being applied. You and the business you have referred to will both receive an email where the status of your referral will be mentioned also the allocated amount you are supposed to get. Both you and the referred business will be able to view the status of the work also the account which will be given by Referral-Central to you.
  • Get Paid on Every Qualified Lead:Once a referral gets accepted and the person or business organization you’ve referred to is willing to work on then we call it Qualified Referral. You will be only paid by us once your referral is qualified. So the more qualified referrals you can get the more easy money you can earn. Simple!

To know more in details about how Referral Central works, go to Referral Central or call us @888-296-7629

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