Review Central: Review System for Your Site

More and more these days, shoppers begin their purchase process online. For all sorts of products and services, most people research online before making a decision about what company to go with. Customer reviews are a significant way for shoppers to learn more about your business, products and services, and develop a strong decision, before engaging you in doing business.

Reviews can inspire real confidence and credibility. Many studies on local consumer reviews demonstrate the following: that up to 70% of respondents state that positive customer reviews make them trust a business more; and that these same customers are conditioned to become more likely to use a local business based on strong reviews. 

Important things to remember:

Building credibility

Reviews can help build credibility for your business. Research shows that as more people describe their positive experiences with your products, services, and company, shoppers develop greater trust and comfort doing business with you. First impressions count because many people scan the first two or three reviews to form an opinion. Central Station Marketing can help you make sure that your potential customers have a positive first impression of your business!

Encouraging reviews

To get reviews for your business, actively encourage customers to write about their experiences. Central Station Marketing will provide you the system for your customers to publish reviews on your own website. If you receive positive comments via email or print mail, you can publish them as testimonials on your site. Additionally, we will ensure that 4-5 star reviews appear noticeably on your site AND in top ranking searches online.

Additional tips:

  1. Start by asking customers to write reviews. Remind customers that you value their feedback and encourage them to review your business online.
  2. Promote interaction with customers online. These interactions enhance your relationships with customers, as well as demonstrate to potential customers the quality of customer service you provide. 
  3. Monitor what customers are saying about your business online. Respond to all reviews, positive and negative. Thank people for kind reviews, and try to work with unhappy customers. They might be willing to change their mind and post something new, accordingly.

Responding to reviews

Business owners should monitor what people write about their company online, especially in the first set of visible reviews. Inevitably, every product, service, and brand experiences positive and negative feedback. If you find a negative comment or review, address it promptly.

We can guide you on publicly responding or sending messages to reviewers. You are often able able to work with an unhappy reviewer to resolve the issue and request that they change their mind about your business and write something reflecting their newfound perspective. This can help immensely in maintaining a good track record online. You can also ask happy customers to write new positive reviews.

Central Station Marketing will help you set up your powerful review system, get the positive reviews to rank well on search engines and help you produce ongoing significant results.