Our First Steps

  • January 2014: 11 domains go live in the Jupiter platform and off to the races with 4 team members
  • April 2014: Shah Tashfiq, one of the key team members, goes to Bangladesh to hire first overseas team member: Mohammad Zakaria
  • October 2014: Dan Fitzgerald leaves Basement Systems and joins the team.
  • January 2015: 60 domains go live in Jupiter Platform with 9 team members.
  • Summer 2015: Kimilee Gould joins the company to answer phone calls. She then works her way up to be the Office Manager and Production Manager.
  • Fall 2015: Jonathan Preston joins the company as Chief Technology Officer.

Our Initial Big Milestones

  • January 2016: 100+ domains go live in Jupiter Platform with 11 Team Members in US and 6 team members in Bangladesh (by now we have a dedicated office).
  • May 2016: Central Station Marketing wins the HEB Chamber of Commerce Mid-Size Business of the Year.
  • January 2017: 150+ domains live in Jupiter Platform with 13 Teams members in US and 15+ team members in Bangladesh (a company is formed called American Best IT).
  • September 2017: Started on Elarasoft development with Home Security and Automation industry as the first vertical called RMR Cloud.
  • January 2018: 200+ domains live in Jupiter Platform with 17 team members in US and 20+ team members in Bangladesh.
  • Summer 2018: Started on iEatery project and failed big time launching the program in USA. So in 2021, focused on marketing the product in Bangladesh and now growing.

Pivoting With Changing Times

  • March 2020: Global pandemic begun and started the process of remote working environment.
  • January 2021: 250+ domains live in Jupiter Platform with 15 team members in US and 60+ team members in Bangladesh. We lost 20+ domains when a major dealer network left our program.
  • January 2022: 300+ domains live in Jupiter Platform with 15 team members in US and 90+ team members in Bangladesh.
  • October 2022: Bangladesh team is growing very big and reserved a entire resort for the whole team to celebrate.
  • January 2023: 350+ domains live in Jupiter Platform with 18 team members in US and 90+ team members in Bangladesh.
  • March 2023: Had our first Strategic Grown Plan session with a business coach to grow to next level.

Clients Testimonials

Following reviews are received from Central Station Marketing clients on web marketing services.

Evan,The only reason i did not give you all 5s,is for what you do not have any control over, namely the information, awards certificates, photographs, that I need to give to you so you can better market me and my firm... Read more about Mike Davis reviewRead More

Mike Davis

Central Station Marketing and their Jupiter platform is the perfect platform for Floodbusters Basements. Our website continues to place higher in the search engines. The staff at Central Station is highly skilled and attentive... Read more about Pete Sommerfeldt reviewRead More

Pete Sommerfeldt

Couldn't be happier -- we think you all are da bomb!! Certainly recommending CSM to others is a no-brainer. You've exceeded my expectations. The only things we had to work through have been getting peeps to the stream... Read more about Sheryl Powers reviewRead More

Sheryl Powers

CSM is not your average website designer and optimization company. Where others fall short and fail, they excel with proven results. And we should know - we hired three companies, all of which failed miserably, before finding them... Read more about Terri Arnett reviewRead More

Terri Arnett
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